Driveway Cleaning, Restoration and Sealing Services

We can bring your block paving driveway back to life.
We can pressure wash it, re-sand it and then seal it making it as good as new!

Pressure washing the driveway

Cleaning a dirty Driveway

Driveways are often block paving driveways which need maintaining because weeds and dirt start to grow in the gaps over time. Not only does the gaps fill with weeds over time the top surface of the driveway also gets covered in mold, lichens and algae and it start to look dirty, old, dull and disappointing to its original looks.

Cleaning & pressure washing the driveway will remove this and really bring it back to looking at good as new. We use different cleaning products to help remove the mold, lichens, algae and dirt. We then use a powerful petrol pressure washer to give the driveway a high pressure wash.

Clean Driveway

The high pressure wash will remove all the dirt and grime from the surface and also from the gaps in-between the block paving. But pressure washing alone isn't enough to keep the driveway looking good. You need to re-sand it and then seal it to really see the results.

So this is something that we also do after every pressure wash is re-sand and seal the driveway.

Re-sand the driveway

Resanding a Driveway

Cleaning and pressure washing the driveway is all good but if you do not re-sand the gaps you risk the blocks moving around which can cause the driveway to damage and become uneven, move around and gaps widen as vehicles drive on and off it. Therefore it is important that the driveway is re-sanded after the pressure washing has been done to avoid this happening. After the re-sanding had been completed its important you consider getting it sealed to protect the driveway.

Seal the driveway

Resealing a Driveway

After sanding has been done you need to consider sealing the driveway. This makes the sand go hard making it much more difficult for the weeds to come back through the gaps. It also puts a thin layer on top to help protect the driveway from getting all the mold, lichen and algae back so quickly, a simple wash and sweep every few weeks would extend the life even longer, it also helps protect against oil leakages. So we always recommend sealing after cleaning a driveway.

Other surfaces we can also clean

Other Pressure Washing

Whilst the main surfaces we pressure washing, re-sand and seal are block paving driveways we can also clean other surfaces. Other surfaces we regularly clean include: paths, patios (many different types of patios), walkways and other similar surfaces. They work in the same way but don't always need re-sanding or sealing it really depends on the surfaces and the condition and surroundings. Please contact us if you would like any other surfaces cleaned and we will try to help.

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